Youth 4 Life is a youth programme at St Joseph’s Theological Institute (SJTI) open to all students of SJTI. It gives an opportunity to students who are interested in youth ministry to help change the lives of youth people.

Youth 4 Life gives a platform to youth to speak about issues in life and society that affect them. Facilitators are not there to solve their problems but to provoke and help youth to find their own solutions. It also prepares SJTI students for youth ministry.




We are a group of Catholic Students at St Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara, preparing for ministry and service in society. Our religious convictions and concern for society moves us to run a youth programme aimed at empowering young people that they may choose life giving relationships. Our aim is that the youth may find hope in a climate of various challenges and other social problems that they encounter. We also endeavour in encouraging the youth that they may become peer educators of a vision for life. Through study, liturgy, workshops and camps, we reach out to the youth of all races, cultures and religious denominations in communities and schools envisaging a constant growth in our outreach.






Chairperson: Zuzile Nkosi

Vice Chairperson:  Cebelihle Cibane

Secretary: Olaf Kandjimi

Treasurer: Daniel Ezenagu

Additional Member: Pedro Kanyetu



Youth 4 Life

Semester 1 2019 Activities

During the course of the first semester, 2019, the Youth 4 Life Student Association had three workshops. The fourth workshop was postponed to the second semester due to unforeseen circumstances. The first workshop set the tone for the year. It was aimed at raising awareness among the Y4L members in facilitating workshops as well as major issues affecting the youth in today’s world. The workshop was made possible by the positive response and generosity of Ms Nomfundo Mkhize, a social worker and counsellor from St Joseph’s parish, Cedara.

After being equipped and informed, the SJTI Y4L students were ready to change the lives of so many young people dear to their hearts. The first workshop was held at Sibongumbovu Combined School, 02 May 2019, where they facilitated a workshop on the importance of education. It is an undeniable fact that the youth are the future of our country and education has a fundamental role to play. Education is not limited to knowledge in black and white. It should be creative, accumulative and ongoing. Young people need role models who will help open the world out to them, they need to be equipped to take a on the vast task that lies ahead of them. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the learners at Sibongumbovu Combined School, their parents and teachers who all contributed to a successful workshop.

The second workshop was held in the SJTI hall on Saturday, 04 May 2019 with the youth from Shiyabazali and Swapo. This time around the audience were a totally different group. Both Swapo and Shiyabazali have one thing in common; they are squatter camps with a large population of young stars. It should be admitted that they are two outstanding joyful communities; in addition, they have significant roles to play in their respective communities. The topic of discussion was on substance abuse and the discussions were very unique and filled with hope. We are convinced that they had the energy to be the change they would like to be.

The Y4L student association will revisit the same groups in the second semester in view of evaluating the progress made as well as to tackle more impending issues affecting the youth in different ways. The association will also visit the SOS children’s home in PMB. It also appeals to all SJTI students interested in youth ministry to join the group, to leave their mark and change the lives of so many youngsters dear to the hearts of so many.

Youth 4 Life- Leave Your Mark- Our Time is Now