Student Forum 2017

left to right Elie Nyembo M.Afr (President); Godefrey Chikaura OP (Secretary); Bweupe Petronella Bwalya RSM (Treasurer); Musukuma Morgan OMI (Vice President) and Lethaha Motserepa OMI (Community Animator)

We, the Students of St Joseph’s Theological Institute (SJTI) declare that, we respect the rights of individuals and minorities. We are working for the promotion of justice and peace in society; and we desire to live and work in a spirit of mutual trust, service, and understanding. We want to reach out the peoples of Africa in their life experiences of suffering, hope and happiness, by bringing Christ alive in line with our faith and calling.
The affairs of the student body are governed by the Student Forum Executive. As student Forum, we work closely with the authorities of SJTI and contribute to the growth and development students in their different groups and associations (OIKOS, Youth for Life, Charismatic, Inter-faith Dialogue, and SJTI-Band). We shall strive to maintain the spirit of mutual respect, consultation and co-operation with all these structures and parameters.

Here are the names of the 2016-2017 Student Forum

    President: Elie Sango Nyembo M. Afr
    Vice-President: Musukuma Morgan OMI
    Community Animator: Lethaha Johannes Motserepa OMI
    Secretary: Godfrey Chikaura O.P
    Treasurer: Bweupe Petronella Bwalya (Sisters of Mercy)