Group Leadership

Coordinator: Isaac Mutelo
Assistant Coordinator: Vega Erick Balderas
Secretary, Organiser & Publication: Morgan Musukuma
Treasurer: Silas Nsabimana
Website/Blog Administrator: Hermann Kassi
Advisor/Patron: Fr Chris Grzelak, SCJ

Aims and Objectives

  • We aim at creating a firm foundation of our Christians faith so that we may be able to engage with both unbelievers and believers from other faiths or religions.
  • We aim at dedicating ourselves to enriching each other as group members by sharing various issues pertaining to ecumenism, other religions or faiths and interreligious dialogue during our meetings.
  • We aim at participating in dialogue with other religions or faiths through personal encounter, debates and discussions where possible.
  • We aim at collaborating with other religions and interfaith groups and organisations both within and outside Pietermaritzburg.
  • We aim at being conversant with important religious celebrations of other religions or faiths. We attend such celebrations and other interfaith activities where possible as a sign of solidarity and dialogue.
  • We aim at fostering awareness regarding ecumenism, other religions or faiths and interreligious dialogue among students within SJTI.

Program for Meetings

  • For flexibility purposes, we do not have a formalized structure for meetings – the chair of a particular meeting plans the agenda of that day.
  • During our meetings, discussions are often centred around interfaith dialogue, ecumenism, other religions or faiths and our own faith as Catholics.
  • We also invite speakers from other faiths or religions to join our discussions or to address us during some of our meetings.

Meeting Days and Time

  • Our meetings take place on the first two Fridays of every month during the academic terms.
  • If there are no public SJTI activities which every student is expected to attend, then the duration of our meetings is 1 hour (10:30 – 11:30).
  • If there is a public institute event, our meetings will be held between 10:00 and 10:30 before the public SJTI event which normally starts at 10:30.


  • Any SJTI student is eligible to be a full member of the group. One can also become a part time member, should he or she have other commitments within SJTI which may hinder him or her from attending IDF meetings, events and activities regularly.
  • Each member is required to attend meetings and other events and activities regularly where possible.
  • A certain amount of money agreed upon by the group members will be paid as membership fee.
  • All members are considered equal in all aspects and their active participation is strongly encouraged and expected.
  • Coordination of the meetings is either voluntarily or through appointment by group members.

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