2018 Fee Structure

Student forum R 423.00
Semester fees R 29 863.00
First registration R 4 056.00
Exit level and graduation fee R 1 302.00

Per Module for credits 2018 Total
2 Hour Module R 1 264.00
3 Hour Module R 1 881.00
4 Hour Module R 2 505.00

Per Module – Auditing
2 Hour Module R 631.00
3 Hour Module R 966.00
4 Hour Module R 1 256.00

* The First Registration Fee for first year students is not refundable
* Tuition fees are payable at the beginning of each semester. In case of a cancellation or withdrawel within the first month of the semester, the total fee paid will be refunded
* If a cancllation of withdrawel occurs after one month, no refunds will be made

In order to avoid building up of debts no private student will be allowed to register for a new semester if s/he is in arrears with payment of fees. Furthermore, before registering there must be proof of payment of 50% of the fees for that semester, and before the start of the study break the remaining 50% will have to be paid in order to be allowed to sit for the examinations

A limited number of Tuition Bursaries are available on application for non-religious wanting to study at St Joseph’s Theological Institute. Click here for more details.

A limited number of bursaries, covering about 50% of all tuition and accommodation costs, are available on a first-come-first-served basis for Religious Sisters. The fee for accommodation at NEARBY Enkanyisweni residence for female religious of 2018 is R 59,000.00.