Position: Librarian

Commencement date: as soon as possible or 1 October 2017

Job description
The position includes but is not limited to:
1. Management of all library activities and library personnel.
2. Maintaining subscriptions of journal and follow up on missing issues.
3. Ordering new books as approved by the Director of the library
4. Providing Dewey numbers for new books
5. Ensuring books are correctly processed and entered into OpenBiblio software.
6. Keeping records of all library expenses and liaising with the Financial Administration.
7. Keeping up all correspondence between SJTI library and all outside entities.
8. Liaising with the Director of the library with regards to all library issues.
9. Liaising with librarians of the PMB Cluster Institutions.
10. Managing interlibrary loans.
11. Liaising with the Archivist.
12. Reporting to the Academic Assembly during regular or special meetings.

Requirements and Qualities sought in applicant:
• Minimum qualification: Diploma in Library Science or equivalent.
• Appropriate work experience.
• Knowledge and experience of library software, especially OpenBiblio.
• Competency with standard office computing; Microsoft Office, printing and scanning
• Values of punctuality and time-keeping.
• Ability to lead a team.
• Ability to collaborate effectively with library personnel.
• Ability to relate well with library users at SJTI.
• Interest to develop the library services at SJTI.
• Mature interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and relay messages clearly and effectively (verbally and in writing).
• Ability to keep confidentiality.
• Good organizational and administrative skills.
• Self-motivated with ability to plan ahead.

Applicants may send CVs and supporting Documents to: tracyn@sjti.ac.za
The Institute reserves the right not to call an applicant for an interview.

Closing Date for applications: 30 September 2017