Student Body Constitution

Left to right: Br. Vincent Otieno Omondi (Kenya) BTH 3: Community animator; Sr. Nelly Iyese DDS (Kenya): Treasure; Br. Gino David Bembele (Mozambique) BTH 2: President; Br. Chibamba Mubanga (Zambia) BTH 3: Vice President; Br. Chandre T. Stevens (South-Africa)  Phil II: Secretary.

Statement of commitment to the Institute

Those of us who have been in a village will concur with us that if two villages are apart from each other and there is no bridge that connects them, there is a communication cessation, slow process of development. we as the Student executive for 2017-2018, want to be that bridge that will bring together the two two villages of the students and the Staff of the Institute. we pledge ourselves to be at your disposal, to be at your service, to work tirelessly with and for you so as to secure a lasting and meaningful relationship between the Students and the Institute. For this we count with your collaboration as we can do nothing on our own but together we will realize our dream.

Here are the names of the 2017-2018 Student Forum

President: Gino David Bembele CMM
Vice-President: Chibamba Mubanga OMI
Community Animator: Vincent Otieno Omondi OMI
Secretary: Chandre T. Stevens DE AAR D.
Treasurer: Nelly Iyese (Missionaries of Christ)