Rhodes-Mandela Scholarship

Two of our recent alumni have received high accolades. Andrew Francis Akpan and Edward Murambwa have both been awarded the prestigious Mandela-Rhodes Scholarship. Andrew and Edward had graduated with BA (Philosophy) summa cum laude this year. Both are enrolled for the Philosophy Honours degree at UKZN, where their lecturers, our colleagues, are more than just pleased with their contribution to the class.
Such news makes us proud as an Institute. As small as we are, to have two Mandela-Rhodes scholarships from one year is a strong affirmation of the quality of programmes we offer. We must be doing something right — as our colleagues at UKZN often comment.
It is not just Andrew and Edward who are ambassadors for us; many alumni have achieved great things; some have doctorates locally and abroad and speak proudly of the foundations that were laid at St Joseph’s. Andrew and Edward are so grateful for the ‘holistic formation’ they received.
We congratulate them for this amazing achievement.