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The SJTI Formation for Formators Programme is dedicated to preparing men and women for the ministry of formation by offering a comprehensive, spiritual, collaborative and experiential approach to formation ministry.

The full cycle of the formation programme will take six 3-week sessions of short courses over three years, in January and July of each year. Each session will follow 3-5 themes or aspects related to formation.

This is a non-accredited programme. Each module is offered as a short course designed to meet the needs of formation in our contemporary context and the needs of participants already in full time ministry.

This program is designed to fulfil a need to offer a comprehensive training program for those serving or going to serve in formation ministry in religious communities and diocesan seminaries

By living, worshipping, and studying together, participants are able to model and live what would be ideal in communities of formation. Through this experiential process, participants have the time for lasting integration. At the end of the program, participants will not only have the knowledge, skills, and tools they will need, but they will also have the awareness and confidence to carry out the formation ministry.

The language of the programme is English.

St Joseph’s Theological  Institute, Cedara. The campus is set in tranquil surroundings in the KZN midlands, 20km from Pietermaritzburg and 10km from Howick.

Residence is available for women at the Enkanyisweni Residence managed by the Institute, and for men in the religious houses of the stakeholders of the Institute.


  • Recommendation by Major Superior
  • Final vows for religious participants and ordination for diocesan participants.
  • A good grasp of English.
  • Matric pass or equivalent
  • Payment of the fees

Duration for January 2018 session

  • Arrival on Sunday 8 January 2018
  • Departure 27 or 28 January 2018

July 2018 session: 30 June to 21 July.

Fees for 2018 sessions

  • Fees + Board & Lodging: R9,200.00
    Participants are required to be resident.

Registration: To register please send an email to:

A maximum of 15 participants per session.

Closing date for registration for Jan ‘18: 15 December 2017.

Registration is confirmed by payment of 50% of the Session Fees (i.e. R1,100.00) on being informed of acceptance into the programme, and the balance by the first day of the session.

Please see below for payment details.

Curriculum for January 2018 Session

The art of welcoming new candidates and respecting their own identity

  • To help the Formators to recognise and accept the uniqueness of each candidate
  • To become aware of the importance of knowing their background,
  • The necessary adaptation in our formative approaches due to changes affecting the new generations

Formation today

  • The different models of formation since the Council Vatican II,
  • Profile of a religious/priesthood candidate
  • Jesus, the true Formators to imitate
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Development of a Formation Manual

 The art of active listening

  • Before and during the interview
  • The qualities of a good listener/formator
  • How to keep records and to foresee the next interview

Holistic Human Development

  • Different types of personality
  • Relational Living
  • Family of Origin
  • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  • Intercultural Communication and Sensitivity
  • Assessment/Basics of Personality Types

The art of spiritual accompaniment

  • What is spiritual direction and who can do spiritual direction
  • Qualities and skills needed as a spiritual director
  • The importance of discernment in spiritual direction

Themes for July 2018 Session:

  • A pedagogy for formation: to educate, form, accompany
  • Religious life as a prophetic mission (a biblical approach
  • Holistic formation
  • Emotions in discernment
  • The evangelical counsel of obedience: to learn to become free for the Lord

Future module themes will include:

Sexuality and celibacy; poverty: sharing who we are and what we have); the integration of the 6 identities of the self (body, performer, individual identity, psychosexual identity, psycho social identity and identity of self); the use of psalms in formation; liturgy and formation; prayer; assessment and evaluation; the formative encounter; human and Christian maturity; criteria for selection of candidates; the role of formators

Programme Coordinator:

Fr Joseph Phiri OMI
Contact no.: +27 78 198 6572

Resource Persons include:

  • Fr Real Doucet M.Afr
  • Sr Annamarie Khumalo OP
  • Fr Joseph Ngumba Lelo MCCJ
  • Fr Francis McGreal OMI
  • Fr Michael Morrissey OMI
  • Fr Vusumuzi Phenyane OMI
  • Fr Selomo Sooli OMI
  • Fr Gilbert Kamta Tatsi SCJ
Payment Details:
St Joseph’s Theological Institute
Bank: First National Bank
Account No.: 525 3000 9060
Branch code: 220725
Payment Reference:
FFFJan18—Name + Surname
Payment notification:
The cretan labyrinth consists of two paths that cross and wind around each other. We see this a symbolic representation of the relationship between formator and formandi. The crossing signifies the cross of Christ who is the model formator and the one in whom our purpose is set forth, as we continue our pilgrim way, embracing our truth and striving for the fullness of life.

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Download this information in brochure format here