Formation for Mission and Ministry
SJTI Conference 2018
Stuart C Bate OMI

St Joseph’s Theological Institute will hold its fifth academic conference from 5 April 2018 – 7 April 2018 at our Cedara Campus.
This year we have chosen to examine the theme FORMATION FOR MISSION AND MINISTRY. The theme is clearly related to the 2018 synod of Bishops to be held in October. The Synod theme is Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.

Synod 2018
The preparatory document for the synod makes a number of points which will inform our discussions. These include:

    Faith is the source of vocational discernment, because faith provides vocational discernment with its fundamental contents, specific development, personal style and pedagogy. (II no1)
    Vocational discernment is not accomplished in a single act… It is a long process unfolding over time, during which one continues to monitor the signs used by the Lord to indicate and specify a vocation that is very personal and unique. (II No 3)
    Accepting the mission implies the willingness to risk one’s life and to travel the way of the cross, in the footsteps of Jesus, who firmly set out on his journey to Jerusalem (cf. Lk 9:51) to offer his life for humanity. Only by giving up being selfishly occupied with one’s needs does a person become open to accommodate God’s plan in family life, the ordained ministry or consecrated life. (II No 4)

The document also points out areas of ecclesial activity which help youth discover and deepen their Christian vocation and commitment. These include Parishes, Universities, Catholic Schools, Social activities, Volunteer work, Associations and ecclesial movements as well as seminaries and houses of formation (III).

SJTI Collaborative research group
The collaborative research group of St Joseph’s Theological Institute is working on a number of themes for the conference. These include:

    -Formation for ordained ministry in different churches
    -Faith formation training for the Catechists at parish level
    -Training youth in mission and ministry: insights from the YCW.
    -Hope as fundamental for future possibilities: Making work matter.
    -The Contemporary Anthropic principle: a vocation through creative work for the contemporary Christian
    -The Impact of Substance Abuse on Candidates in Formation for Religious Life and Priesthood.
    -The impact of the Internet and social media in formation.

Panel of formators
We hope to have a panel of formators who will discuss parameters of formation for ministry

Call for papers
We are also inviting authors, academics and others to submit abstracts of papers they would like to present at the conference. The deadline for these is March 1st

Application Form
You can download the Registration Form here

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Stuart C Bate OMI
Research Officer