St Joseph’s Theological Institute announces the following Tuition Fee bursaries for 2018

Closing Date for Applications is 31 October 2017 Download Application Form

It is the Institute’s mission to empower men and women for ordained and non-ordained ministry in the Church and society through philosophical, theological and social inquiry. However many people have the perception that ‘Cedara’ is only for young men who want to become priests. This is not true. Anyone can study at the Institute and obtain a degree accredited by the Council on Higher Education and equivalent in every way to a degree from a public university. To attract students to the Institute, we are offering the following bursaries to members of the community.

The Bursaries

  • The Rogers-Breetzke Bursary for BA in Philosophy: 2 recipients for the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, covering tuition fees for 3 years.

Mr Michael Rogers had been the Institute’s pro bono auditor for many years until his death in 2015. Mr Michael Breetzke had taken over the auditing role on the same terms. Mr Gavin Breetzke, father of Michael Breetzke, is the financial advisor and benefactor to the Institute. We honour them in gratitude for the professional financial services and their meaningful friendship.

  • The Bishop Barry Wood OMI Bursary for Development Studies: 2 recipients for the Higher Certificate in Human and Social Development, covering tuition fees for the year and for the Advanced Certificate in Human and Social Development the following year.

Bishop Barry Wood OMI (1942-2017), auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Durban, died after a short illness on 2 May 2017. Social media messages on the occasion of his death affirmed what we had already known about him: his concern for the poor and the dispossessed and his commitment to social justice. He is often remembered for his preaching through the use of apt stories and lived experiences. He lived and preached the philosophy of Ubuntu. For these reasons the Institute names the Development Studies bursary in his honour.

  • The Dr Jerome Skhakhane OMI Bursary for BA in Theology: 2 recipients for the Bachelor of Arts in Theology, covering tuition fees for 3 years.

Fr Jerome Skhakhane OMI (1939-2001) was ordained in 1957 after completing his studies for the priesthood in Lesotho. He obtained a Licentiate in Church History from the Gregorian University in Rome (1966). He was appointed lecturer at St Augustine’s Seminary, Lesotho from 1959-1975. He was rector from 1968-1971. He obtained a doctorate from the Gregorian University in 1974 and was then appointed lecturer at the universities of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. From 1976-1979 he served as Superior of Pius XII University College and Chairman of the University Council of Lesotho. Between 1979 and 1985 he was Professor and Dean of Studies as the University of Swaziland and in 1983 he was also made Visiting Professor of North Carolina, Cullowhee, USA, and between 1985 and 1987 he served as Professor at the National University of Lesotho. In 1987 he returned to South Africa and lectured at St Joseph’s Scholasticate and St Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara until 1996. We honour his legacy by naming the bursary after him.


Applicants for the bursaries must:

  1. Be South African citizens or resident in South Africa for at least five years and in possession of relevant documentation.
  2. Not have been a student at the Institute or sponsored by a religious congregation or dioceses for studies at the Institute.
  3. Be in need of financial assistance for tertiary studies.
  4. Meet the Institute’s entrance requirements for its accredited qualifications: a matric exemption for the bachelor degrees; a diploma pass for the certificate course.
  5. Be proficient in English, which is the medium of instruction.
  6. Have accommodation close by and can travel to Institute for academic and other activities every day. The Institute does not provide accommodation and is accredited only for the contact mode of delivery of the programmes for which the bursaries are offered.
  7. Have funds for stationery, photocopying and books as needed.

Application forms may be downloaded here; or you may request it to be emailed to you from or fetch it from the Institute.

Closing date for applications: 31 October 2017.

Please post your completed application form with supporting documents attached to:
St Joseph’s Theological Institute
Bursaries 2018
Private Bag 6004

Or hand deliver between 08:00 and 16:00 Monday-Thursday to:
St Joseph’s Theological Institute
District Road 546

Terms and conditions

  1. The bursaries only cover tuition fees, student forum fee, first time registration and graduation fee, for the minimum duration of the programmes.
  2. Recipients must pass all their modules each year for the bursary to be renewed for the following year of study.
  3. To repeat a module owing to failure, bursary recipients would have to pay out their own pocket.
  4. Recipients must be able to take care of their other needs: accommodation, transport, books and stationery. The Institute is non-residential.
  5. See ‘Eligibility’ above.
  6. Short-listed applicants may be called to an interview.
  7. At least 50% of the bursaries will be reserved for female applicants.
  8. Recipients would be chosen on merit, by the Institute’s Bursary Selection Committee.
  9. The decision of the Bursary Selection Committee would be final; no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. Only the successful applicants will be notified not later than 15 January 2018.

Download Application Form

For more information or clarification email: