Department of Development Studies

SIBANDA, Gideon CMM (M.A.) Head of Department: Development Studies
Development Theory & Practice I & II, Public Policy Monitoring & Evaluation, Business Ethics, Civil Society & Public Policy, Project Management,
KINUNDA, Quinbert MAfr (S.T.L.)
Bible, Development and Social Questions
DAVIDSON, Jean Population Studies, Community Development, Development Statistics, Fieldwork (Work Integrated Learning) MADONDO, Cliffod (MTh, MCom)
Poverty Studies, Challenges to Development, Development & Ecology, Religion & Governance, HIV/AIDS & Development, Demographics & Population Studies

O’SULLIVAN, Patrick SPS (S.T.L.)
Introduction to Administration and Accounting Skills, Computer and Academic Literacy

Department of Philosophy

CALDER, James (PhD)
Head of Department: Philosophy
, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy Seminar I, Philosophy Seminar II, Political Philosophy, Major Philosophers
ALEKE, Patrick (Ph.L.), Logic & Critical Thinking, Ancient & Medieval Texts, Epistomology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
CAMERON, John (M.Sc.), English Language I, English Language II, Critical Reading Seminar
FRANK, Neil OMI (PhD), President of SJTI Philosophy of Nature & Science, Philosophy Seminar I
GANDANZARA, Tendai CMM (Ph.L.), Ancient & Medieval Texts, Modern & Contemporary Texts, Major Philosophers IRVINE, Linelle (B.Ed. Linguistics), English Language I, English Language II, Critical Reading Seminar
MCGREAL, Frank OMI (M.A.), Introduction to History
MATOLINO, Bernard (Ph.D.), Analytic Philosophy, African Philosophical Issues II, African Philosophy Today

OGRAM, Bambi (M.A.),
English Language I, English Language II, Critical Reading Seminar, Post Colonial African Literature
YURKIVSKA, Olga (M.A.), Philosophy of Mind, Introducation to Philosophical Practice, Ethics of Identity, Modern & Contemporary Texts, Social Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

O’SULLIVAN, Patrick SPS (S.T.L.)
HOD Theology, Academic Advisor B.TH Year 4,
Introducation to Faith and Revelation, God For Us
BATE, Stuart OMI (ThD)
Research and Development Officer,
Research Methodology, Mission and Ministry in a Globalizing World, The Mission to Heal (electives)

DAVID, Sylvester OMI (PhD),
The Synoptic Gospels

DECOCK, Paul OMI (ThD) Deputy Vice President: Financial Administration. Director of the Library
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Introduction to Hellenistic Greek, Pentateuch, Gospel of John and Apocalypse, Patristics, The Book of Job (Elective)